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Birthday Party Table

Venue need a bit of TLC?

As it is, your chosen venue doesn't have that required bit of spark - that light touch that can turn the good into the spectacular. But you know it has that potential, it just needs a bit of inspiration, a bit of creative thinking. But who to provide it? Who has what it takes to make that venue come alive, both in terms of innovation and when it comes to resources? You need a professional solution - a team who have the experience, the ingenuity and the equipment to deliver on your chosen theme. And our specialist venue decorators at Kaymarniejai Caribbean Food & Catering in Leyton can provide it. We fit out venues all over the region, including in London, East and West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Contact our team to start the reinvention.


Why our venue stylists?

Our venue decorators at Kaymarniejai Caribbean Food & Catering have that eye for flair that can help set off any setting. They're professional in their approach but have that outside-of-the-box thinking that helps to address any problem, no matter how challenging. If you have a theme in mind, we can deliver on it, and we can accommodate any kind of event, from christenings to corporate events. With everything from the flags to the balloons all accounted for and customisable as well - and given that we can handle the catering too - you're in the right hands with our venue decorators.

Gold and White Balloons

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